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Day 2: (from the teacher’s seat) “Levels”

I am getting to this post late tonight. I have figured out how to manage my bathing (take my shower in the afternoon before my 5:30 class, thus end-running the too early and too late problem) but I still am struggling a little with my food. Right now I am eating popcorn for dinner. (This […]

Giving in

Ugh. Late night. (Change #1: deciding if I want to be in a relationship where I am not met halfway. Answer: No.) I let myself sleep in till 7:30, a gift, because for the past several Mondays, I have had to be up at 4:45am to make it to my ingratiatingly long shift at Stanford […]


  source When I took this challenge, I was pushing myself out of my all-around comfort zone.  Yoga has become a journey that I was just too scared to begin.  Yet, I knew that if I did not take that first step, I would always be thinking…what did I miss? Early this morning, I took […]


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