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day 2 – harder

Day 2 was harder than day 1, but then I expected it to be.  My body is getting used to the practice.  Prior to the challenge, I would do a different practice every day, but since committing to doing this particular one for the first week, my body is, well, complaining to say the least. […]


Awfully soon to write about surrender considering we are only three days into the challenge? Actually, I find that the yoga challenge is ALL about surrender. For 30 days straight, you surrender yourself to this idea of bringing or keeping yourself in a healthy, relaxed, cool state. You let your favorite TV show be, you […]

Flying by the seat of my pants

Mmmmm. Short night. (Change #2: Amazing things can happen when you ask someone to meet you halfway. :-) ) Crazy day. I won’t get home until after 7 tonight, and then I have to find some time to do my yoga. So now I’m doing things a little backwards by writing the blog first. From […]

Day 3: (from the teacher’s seat) “Centering”

My home practice has been suffering since the challenge started. Normally I go into my yoga room at home around 9 AM, and don’t emerge until about 10:30 AM. These last 3 days though, I have been coming home from morning class ravenous, so I eat my egg and toast, check  email, write my 750 […]


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