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Cirque de moi: the balancing act (and then falling over)

At times, my life is truly a circus, and I am the ringmaster. I am also the lion tamer, the clown, the tightrope walker, and the trapeze artist, all rolled into one. And I’m not even talking about the days when I have custody! Remember my grand plans last night of doing all those fantastic […]

Day 4: (from the seat of the teacher) “My Favorite Thing”

This first week of the challenge I have been going over the basics. Not with the care and precision of a Beginner class, but I’ve been stressing the “architecture” of some of the poses. I spent some class time playing around with Tadasana the first few days. It’s such a basic pose that those of […]

Clocks, stop turning so fast!

By shock, I just looked at the clock on my screen and read 4/5. What?! Day five? I missed four? But then I remembered it was only 12.41 AM and technically it is still 4/4 in States and as I finished yesterday’s practice at 1.15 AM, I am still good. So, thank you, dear baby […]


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