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more than just the physical

I came to Yoga due to the arthritis I was developing on both my shoulders and my knees.  Pain that was constant..swelling that was part of my anatomy…mood swings that bordered on depression. Life itself is not easy.  It wasn’t meant to be, but it becomes a bit easier to handle if you begin to […]

Day 5: (from the seat of the teacher) “Return on Investment”

There’s a term that every business person knows: ROI. It stands for “return on investment” and I found myself talking about that in my 5:30 class last night. Every person who is coming to class regularly, if not every day, is struggling. Not so much with the yoga, but with getting to yoga.  When your […]


Whoops! I forgot to post yesterday, but at least I didn’t forget about yoga! I mentioned in a comment on Tuesday that I would be doing something a little different for yoga yesterday. I went to a class at my gym called “Bodyflow.” This class was developed by Les Mills (you may have seen their […]

Being Yourself

In reading everybody else’s (epic) posts about their yoga practice and all the stuff they think about and how it changes them, I realized that a person’s yoga practice really does reflect who they are in the rest of their lives. For example, I am *amazed* by how many people decide on the fly when/where/which […]

I am just going with the flow

Today is my day 4 since I started on Monday.  For the past three days, my body has been adjusting to the poses and learning to listen closely.  I am the one that is learning this.  Kundalini was a bit too much for me, so I have decided to just do it 2 days out […]


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